Rickham, South Devon weather

      Latitude: 50° 13' 40" N      Longitude: 003° 44' 49" W       Elevation: 400 ft

Our weather data is now shared via the Tempest WX web site (which also shares it with WeatherUnderground and from there all over the world)

Well it was windy last night -- 26/27 December -- at over 65 mph and very wet. So the new weather station blew off its mounting. If you look at the graphs for around midnight, you will see the readings crash just after 00:30 as the sensors fell off. Now found the unit in the undergrowth, cleaned and re-installed it, and it's working again.

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You can see more about the new hardware at WeatherFlow

The archive data of our previous systems, for the 19 years, is still available. Just click on the weather archives button on the left.

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