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This web site belongs to Andy and Lindsey - who live at Rickham in South Devon - and we welcome comments about it. You can e-mail us from these links here: Andy or Lindsey

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See the "What's New" page for the latest additions, either click here, or on the menu on the left, to see what's been recently updated. There's more weather data.

The web server figures for 2018 are analysed: 3,017,805 total hits (well up from 2017) averaging over 8,200 hits per day. As in previous years the weather was the most popular area and the realtime weather data had the most downloads at over 2.5 million. Meanwhile, the playing euchre page had more separate visitors than most others and was the third most popular area. The logs show that Firefox was the most used web browser at 32% followed by Google Chrome at 22% then good old Internet Explorer at 9% - other browsers were below 3%; Windows 7 was the most popular OS used by visitors, followed by "other", Windows XP, Windows NT then MacOS. One visitor used a Blackberry; iPhones and iPads moved up the numbers too to above 10% of visitors.

As it's windy from the West, the anemometer is working again.

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The Davis weather station came from Prodata Weather Systems and it's now talking to various pages on this web site. We've now settled on the way we're displaying the weather and look forward to receiving any comments. If there's other weather data that you'd like to see, please let us know.

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