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various pictures we have taken

Until recently, all our public pictures were stored on Apple's servers in a gallery. Then Apple decided to go with iCloud and drop the gallery service. So we moved the pictures back to our own servers. More recently we're experimenting with Nikon's Image Space as a way of sharing albums.

Recent Pictures (Nikon's Image Space opens in a new window):

Photos of Christmas 2020

Photos of our Carol Service outside the church on 20th December 2020 (thanks to Mike Challis)
Photos of Faye and Will's Wedding on 12th December 2020

Photos of Joey; and one of a friend on the bird feeder
Remembrance Sunday 2020
A wedding at East Portlemouth Church on 12th September 2020
Photos on Easter Sunday 2020
Photos from our Pilgrimage to Walsingham in 2020

A wedding at East Portlemouth Church on 22nd June 2019
A wedding at East Portlemouth Church on 7th June 2019

"You don't have to be called Andy, but it helps" (three Andys ringing on Christmas Morning 2017)
Setting up the lit cross on the top of St Winwaloe (December 2017)
The poppy display in Exeter Cathedral (November 2017)
Lesley Foden rowing past the garden (13th June 2017)
Miscellaneous Pictures from 2017

Fair View

Pictures showing the last meal being cooked, then the Rayburn being removed and the installation of the new Heritage Range in 2014.


Some pictures from:

our visit to London in 2017 to see School of Rock
the Flywheel Heritage weekend at Bicester in June 2016
our visit to Lincolnshire in April 2016
our trip to Warwick and the Land Rover production line in November 2015
our road trip around California in September 2015
our visit to Washington DC in August 2013

Village life

Pictures from St Winwaloe's Church
The opening of the East Portlemouth Village Shelter

General Pictures

Miscellaneous Pictures from 2017
Devon county show (18th May 2017)
Ian's boat "Proper Job"
Paignton Zoo in late December (2015)
Dawlish Air Show (2015)
Segway gliding at Mount Edgcumbe (2015)
The Vintage Traction Rally at Sorely Cross (2015)
Lindsey's Birthday Party
The Chris Rea Concert on 4th April 2012
Mike's Ordination



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