Dinky's obituary

On Sunday 7th September 2003, after being unwell for a short while, Dinky's heart could no longer take the strain. After taking our vet's advice we decided to let her go.

After being found in a barn in the village and then looked after by Auriol for the first six months of her life, she was with us for 14 years.

When she was a kitten with us at Prawle Point, she was known by many of those coming down to stay in the nearby holiday homes (and was chased by the odd dog too); and it was the proximity of the nearby bird sanctuary that meant she had to wear her "trademark" bell on her collar! She made many friends at the Point, and played many a game of football in our kitchen there.

When we moved to Rickham, Dinky decided to lose herself in the garden on the first night, sneaking out when we tried to keep her in. During the storm of the next morning she proved two things: (a) the rest of the cliff team were all as soft about her as we were (they volunteered to help find her) and (b) she knew how to find somewhere dry! From then on, she had a lovely time in the house and garden. You see, she owned the house and we were just the servants assigned to keep her fed and happy! She had her own chair, her own beds and her own visitors -- you know who you are!

When Nutmeg arrived, Dinky was little put out (after all, there was now a cat in the garden). But eventually they just agreed to differ. Dinky slept in the house, Nutmeg in the garage; occasionally they would pass in the garden. At Christmas they would buy each other toys and presents (OK, we would help a bit). When Mark Lobb the fish man came, they would take it in turns to choose their favourite.

Like all of us, as she got older she preferred her own routines and was just a little slower around the place -- but she would still race along the corridor for supper; and jump onto the bed to wake us up for her breakfast.

After Andy commissioned the first picture, she was painted by Pam Martins a number of times and starred in at least two greetings cards. So she has been seen by far more than realise it.

All of her friends will miss her; here are some of our favourite pictures (click on them for the larger versions):

Dinky as a kitten
Dinky on the rocking chair Dinky on the rocking chair
Dinky in a shoe box

Two of Pam Martin's cards featuring Dinky:

Pam's slate carving of Dinky outside our gates:

Slate sign outside Fair View

Dinky's resting place:

Cairn Cairn






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